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LaserTec strategy

LaserTec’s strategy is based on growth achieved through the introduction of technological, technical and innovative solutions in all areas, as well as great attention paid to the high quality of the products and services offered.

Some important and distinguishing features of LaserTec are its many years of experience in the fields of laser technology, research and development, the provision of services and the construction of robotic workstations and production lines utilizing innovative laser technologies.

This enables the robotization and automation for the construction and production of products, which significantly increases productivity and the quality of the final product.

Many years of experience

The LaserTec company has been on the market since 2002. Originally specializing in metal processing, it has been implementing and improving laser technologies since 2008 in areas such as laser metal hardening, laser joining techniques for various types of materials, laser regeneration of machine and equipment parts, among others. Utilizing the laser technologies developed by LaserTec, the company designs and builds robotic and automated laser processing stations for specific production processes.

Since 2015, we at LaserTec, have been manufacturing battery modules on behalf of leading European companies in the transportation, bus, rail, special vehicles and industrial energy storage sectors. By manufacturing battery modules and setting up automated stations for their production, we have developed a unique technology for connecting energy cells.

LaserTec’s portfolio includes its own energy storage solutions for residential, industrial and photovoltaic plants. In addition, the company develops and manufactures traction batteries for electric vehicles and industrial plants.



LaserTec capital group

The LaserTec Group is an alliance of several companies with high competences in battery technology, laser technology for  industry, as well as the robotization and automation proces.


LaserTec Group in numbers



14 years

of experience
in laser technology

10 years

experience in battery

90 people



customers within


partners working

4 sites

Poland - Tychy and Wrocław, Warsaw, Austria
- Bruck an der Leitha,

1st company

in Poland to introduce
laser hardening
and cladding


The LaserTec S.A. offer

We offer our own energy storage solutions for industrial, residential and photovoltaic farms purposes. We also develop and manufacture lithium-ion (li-ion) traction batteries for electric vehicles and industrial equipment.

An energy storage system is a device that allows you to store electricity generated by a renewable energy source (such as a photovoltaic or wind installation) or taken directly from the grid.

  • Energy storage systems for residential use (low and high voltage) with capacities of 10 kWh, 14 kWh, 20 kWh and 26 kWh (can be combined into larger systems).
  • Energy storage systems for industrial applications with capacities of 26 kWh, 40 kWh, 66 kWh, 124 kWh and 265 kWh (can be combined into larger systems).
  • Traction batteries for electric vehicles, including category L vehicles (scooters, tricycles, golf cart type vehicles), forklifts, AGVs.
  • Li-ion batteries for machinery used in construction, mining, etc.

The LaserTec team also specializes in research, development and implementation of laser technologies for industrial processes. Innovative technologies such as laser welding, hardening, hardfacing and 3D cutting allow optimization in the production process and create non-standard, replicable solutions in the manufacturing and regenerating processes.


Implemented quality management systems

Certificates obtained

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