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Regardless of whether you want to store electricity at home, or you are looking for a complex solution for industry or photovoltaic farms - check our offer! Our offer includes wide range of energy storage banks - from 10 kWh to 265 kWh, as well as solutions that allow you to store more energy - up to several dozen MWh.

We have built LT PowerBox energy storage system with the use of high-performance lithium-ion cells connected together with extremely precise laser welding technology. Premium materials used and latest technologies applied allow our products to have an above-average service life - up to 20 years of operation.

The operation of LT PowerBox is monitored and controlled by a world class battery management system (BMS), which ensures operational reliability and system security.

Trust our specialists who will assist you in choosing the right solution that will allow you to accumulate energy from renewable source or from the grid and use it whenever you need. Get a long-term reliability guarantee and fast service from a European manufacturer.

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Modern design

Modern design

Our energy storage system designed in Li-ion technology consists of battery modules as well as the Battery Management System (BMS), which monitors the operation of individual cells and balances their level of charge and ensures the proper work and safety of the entire energy storage.

Stable operation

Stable operation

Battery modules made of NMC pouch cells have a high energy density, thus guaranteeing stable technical parameters.

Long life

Long life

A service life far exceeding other systems - up to 6,000 full charge and discharge cycles, which corresponds to approximately 20 years of operation under standard conditions.

Lower connection resistance

Lower connection resistance

The laser connections made by LaserTec allow to achieve even 3 times lower electrical resistance of the connected terminals, allowing to obtain a lower resistance of the module and thus higher efficiency of the entire energy storage.

Expandable system

Expandable system

Energy storage banks of the same capacity can be connected in parallel, thus increasing the usable capacity and adapt it to customer requirements.

LT PowerBox -industrial and home energy storage systems

We know how important the stability of each enterprise is. That is why we have created LT PowerBox energy storage which will protect your business against disruptions caused by a power outage. LT PowerBox is a guarantee of energy availability in the event of a power outage in the network.

The flexibility of configuring and expanding the LT PowerBox energy storage provides new energy management capabilities, greater growth opportunities and greater independence from electricity providers.

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Energy storage for PV
Traction batteries for electric vehicles

Traction batteries
for electric vehicles

Transport eco revolution

Our high-performance and extremely long-life batteries for electric vehicles are suitable for both passenger and freight transport. This is our contribution to electromobility!

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Experts in laser
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LaserTec team also specializes in research, development and implementation of laser technologies into industrial processes.
Innovative technologies of laser: welding, hardening, surfacing, 3D cutting allow to optimize production process
and create customized and repeatable solutions in manufacturing or regeneration processes.

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